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"Improve your FileMaker layouts instantly with this Drag & Drop designer's tool.

It's like having a Magic Layout Wand!"

In a rush to find out what the Scriptology Theme Library is all about? You can watch this Theme Library Overview Movie right now. It's only 6 minutes long and gives you some great details about using this powerful tool! Click for a movie overview of the Theme Library

You're busy working on the guts of your database. Time is always running short or keeps sliping away. You've got a task list which keeps building, and putting on that visual punch is still waiting to be done. SO, I ASK YOU. WHY REINVENT THE [FILEMAKER LAYOUT] WHEEL? Your current, or new, database systems can benefit from an immediate professional look. I'm talking about a few minutes, not a few days.

Here's the real truth about how people see things. Everyone enjoys looking at pretty things. Think about it, would you rather drive a Porsche sports car or a Pinto? Probably the Porsche because it both looks beautiful and works great! The same concept applies to your FileMaker interface. If your database is attractive, functional and easy-to-use then users will enjoy using it - just like the enjoyment of driving a Porsche!

"Wow Matt! What a value! This package is a steal! Your theme library will save me days in laying out complex projects. A great place to start even if I want to modify your designs."
-Dave Weaver
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"Users simply won't use your database if
it's too hard to use
- at least not as much as they should."

At the very least, they'll be less productive when you don't provide a clean, efficient user interface. You may not be a world-class designer, and fortunately, you don't have to be! Especially in today's digital climate.

The Scriptology Theme Library is the perfect tool for any database developer who wishes to provide excellent execution on the visual side of any database project.

The Theme Library is full of valuable layouts and elements which have been designed and optimized to work specifically within the FileMaker Pro environment. Don't be fooled by just any attractive looking layout design. The design(s) may be using bitmapped images which are not optimized for the best network performance.

Using every technique known for layout optimization, you'll find that using the Theme Library will save many hours of design time. You can choose to use one of the royalty-free designs or mix-and-match any of the numerous styles found in the Theme Library.

"I've purchased web templates from for the same amount as your library. The fact that you include so many layouts is a great value."
-Mark M.

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"A nice looking interface is an easier solution to sell - to your boss, your customers or anyone!"

The Theme Library is specifically designed as a tool for fast layout production. I personally use this tool to save tons of hours of design time on new projects. As a designer, I was always creating a new look for each new database system. I eventually discovered that I was repeating a lot of the same concepts and themes - often in a different color palette. Instead of continuing this "from scratch" process, I decided to consolidate the elements and layouts I use into one central location. The result was this time-saving product.


Clean Text
What they say about the details is true. Whether it's offsetting the text from the borders of a field or making sure there's adequate "breathing room" for your text labels, it's the time spent on the details that truly refine a good design into a great design. By taking apart the individual elements of the various layouts you'll learn the finer points about creating a great looking layout.

Color Selections
Why is it that interface designers always suggest neutral colors as a base for the interface? The answer to this is probably due to nature. The world around us is muted in general. The mountains, trees and oceans don't have the saturation possible on today's computer screens. Sure, there are tons of colorful animals, but they are the icons that dress up the planet. When picking the colors for your design go with muted neutral colors and then accent divisions of data or highlight areas of action with colorful icons. You're not limited just to gray - just make sure the color is subtle. Besides, it's what we're all used to with software anyway.

Proportion & Balance
Every element, including text, has a certain "weight" in the user interface. The ideal situation is to achieve balance amongst the elements and groupings of elements. This balance comes in the form of proportion. Imagine an elephant standing next to a squirrel. Not quite the same size. Now imagine a giraffe next to the elephant. They're not exactly the same but they're in the same ball park. One is skinny and one is fat. The same concepts apply to your layouts. There will be heavy and thinner areas of your layouts. Both heavy and missing areas can draw attention. Controlling which one receives the immediate focus is dependent on other decisions such as contrast and color selection - but just keep asking questions about your interface. Does this layout feel balanced?

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"You don't have to be a designer if you can copy,
paste and emulate."

There's nothing secret to what makes a great looking design. The obvious path to great visual execution is practice and more practice. The trick with practice is knowing the fundamentals first. Before you can sit down and whip out a great looking design, you need to know what makes it work so well. The Theme Library uses all of the "best practices for visual design" along with FileMaker specific optimization.

When you start working with any of the layouts in the file you'll be moving parts around to accommodate your database structure and design. As you work with the various elements you'll discover how they were put together and why they work so well.

"Tools like this are great time savers. I wear too many hats to build everything from scratch."
- Steve W.

Click for a movie about FileMaker checkboxes


Click on the image you wish to see. Leave the window open and click on another image to have that image loaded in the same window or you can use the Screen Shots Slideshow.


New Layout Elements
Once you've formatted a field the way you want it to look, you never need to apply that same formatting. You should either drag a copy of the field by holding down the Control key on Windows or Option key on Macintosh or drag a copy of the field from one layout window to another - in which a copy will be created - but you must be in Layout mode. You can also "inherit" the properties of a layout object by holding down the Control key on Windows or Command key on Macintosh - and don't forget the object painter tool for copying object attributes from one object to another!

Perfect Text Labels
This is one of my favorite designer tips. While working with your fields and placing them in the right positions on your layout, you may need a new label. The best way to add a new label is to simply click the field and start typing. There's no need to choose the Text Tool from the Status Area. The benefit of this action is that the text label will be set to the exact dimensions as the field itself! A short drag to the side and you can align your label to the right left or above or below the field!

Get your full-access copy of the Theme Library within minutes!

You could take the time to reproduce all the layouts in this Theme Library yourself. Heck, I'm showing you every layout in the whole product. But why take the time? You can save a ton of valuable time and start working with the layouts right away!

The Theme Library is only $99.95

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Please note, the download is 25 MB and may take a while to download, if you're using a modem we suggest using a download agent which can pick up where it last left off should you be disconnected.

P.S. I truly think you'll realize immediate value from using this product. In fact I'm so confident in the value, you can count on a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you don't use the product within a period of 30 days you can request a refund by mentioning why you haven't used it.


Matt Petrowsky

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